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Role & Duties of RTA Towards Investors, Distributors and MF Houses

Maintenance of records of investor’s transaction holds utter value for any mutual fund house because that should be as accurate and as updated as investors expect it to be. If the contrast of this happens, that puts a big question mark before the work and reputation of mutual fund houses.

So, for the professional and errorless management of such records of investor’s transactions, Mutual Fund Houses appoint an intermediary -Registrar and Transfer Agent, who can carry out such tasks on its behalf.

RTA refers to a regulatory body who takes on the responsibility to upkeep records of investor’s transaction, update their personal information, notify them about the latest offers & schemes and so on to aid mutual fund house. At the same time, it facilitates investors as well.

Why Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) has become a must-have for any mutual fund house as well as for investors

Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) upkeep transaction records, issue or revoke certificates, takes care of emails & messages, deal with client’s queries, resolves investor’s issues like damage or stolen share certificates and so on.

Alongside the same role, RTA takes care of the timely payment of dividend to the investors, the conduct of mutual funds, maturity dates along with other factors of investors’ interest and ensure that monthly investment statement is accurate with correct details about the units, dates, etc.

Transactions, like buying, selling and switching of shares, are carried out by investors frequently with the help of RTA. Registrar and Share Transfer Agent notifies the investors about profitable schemes and offers and also guide them to make investments that would reap financial benefits. The whole process of investment or transaction that involves an array of activities like filling of the form, buying & selling of shares become as simple as icing on the cake with the help of RTA.

Registrar and Transfer Agent Services to Mutual Fund Associates

The role of a Mutual Fund whirls around its Distributors, Investors, Mutual Fund Company.


The distributor refers to an individual or an organisation which educates investors about investment schemes with maximum interest for him/her after due analysis of various investment plans and investor’s risk profile and the congeniality among the two. When a distributor sells a mutual fund to the investor, he gets his commission on profit.

Role of RTA: Registrar & Transfer Agent provides necessary documents and materials like application forms to the distributor which he needs to facilitate the investors to make mutual fund transactions. Besides, RTA also releases distributors sales statements in a respective month.


Investors are those individuals who are capable of or are willing to make investments in the mutual fund houses by buying securities, bonds and shares. Investors have a sole intent to earn profit from investments made in mutual funds. 

Role of RTA: RTA Agent apprise the investors with the latest investment schemes, maturity dividend payout and other important updates. RTA also makes sure that dividends are distributed to the investors on time and also aids them in executing mutual fund transactions.

Mutual Fund Companies

A mutual fund house or MF company refers to the financial institution which collects money from potential investors and puts it in securities, shares or bonds. Such financial entities work intends to yield substantial profit for its investors in the future dates. 

Role of RTA: RTA Services proficiently maintain the records of investor’s transactions along with other details on behalf of investors. RTA fulfils the multiple needs of mutual fund houses through its diversified branches at different places. This ultimately saves time, efforts and resources of mutual fund houses which can be invested in other more productive tasks.

 Registrar & Transfer Agent provides tailor-made solutions to the mutual fund houses that leave nothing to seek more. In the digital era, every task happens digitally backed by digital communication which has knocked off the need to set up a branch of MF house nearby RTA office.