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Cancellation and Refund Policy ( hereinafter referred to as ‘Lawfarm’) is a tech enabled legal services platform. It is a proprietary of Gobrahma Innovations Limited Liability Partnership ( hereinafter referred to as ‘LLP’). This policy is relevant and applicable to only those users who have subscribed and paid for the services offered by Lawfarm (hereinafter referred to as ‘You’). For the purpose of this policy services offered by Lawfarm shall include all those services listed on the Lawfarm  website, for which You have subscribed and made payment (hereinafter referred to as ‘Service’).

The cancellation of Services and refund of your payment shall be in accordance with the following terms. Also read the Lawfarm Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

       1.  Cancellation

You may apply for cancellation of  the Lawfarm Service in the following events:

  1. If You are not satisfied with the service provided by the Professional or Lawfarm.
  2. If the service is delayed for more than 30 days .
  3. If you no longer require the service or change in mind.

       2.  Refund

2.1. Refunds shall be made only in accordance with following terms.

2.2. Refund shall be only considered in the event where there is a clear, visible deficiency or delay in  the service of the Professional or Lawfarm.

2.3. In the event a customer has paid for a service and then requests for a refund only because there was a change in mind, the refund shall not be considered as there is no fault, defect, or onus on Lawfarm.

2.3. Only the Professional fees component of the charges paid by You shall be considered for a refund, which shall be subject to the discretion of Lawfarm.

2.3. You have to apply for a refund, as prescribed under point 3 of the policy.

2.4. Upon receipt of application for refund,Lawfarm shall decide on whether your request for a refund should be approved and processed, contingent on the reasons for such a request.

2.5. Decision by Lawfarm on refund shall be final and binding.

  1. Procedure for Cancellation and Refund

3.1 You may apply for cancellation and refund by providing reasons for the same through an email to

3.2. The status of your request for refund shall be intimated by Lawfarm through email or other form of written communication within 30 days of receipt of request from You.

3.3. Once Your refund request has been approved, Your refund amount shall be transferred to the account from which you had made the payment for the service.

3.4. Please note that it will take  a minimum of about 30 business days to process the refund and the amount shall be transferred to the account accordingly.

3.5. Please note that LLP or Lawfarm is not liable for any delay in payment of refund due to events beyond the control of Lawfarm or LLP, including but not limited to national holidays, department holidays, delays on the part of the Government of India, the respective State Governments, acts of war, acts of God, earthquake, riot, sabotage, labour shortage or dispute, internet interruption, power disruption, lack of network connectivity, technical failures, hacking, piracy.

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