Summons served to person abroad

What is the reply to a order from the civil court if false money suit summons are not recived by the accused as the person is abroad

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If the address of the accused residing abroad is available in court records, it will be served on him through the Embassy in his area. So, summons will not be received by the accused (they are called opposite party in a civil case) only if the address is incorrect. In such a case, the court will direct the plaintiff to arrange for a correct address and then re-issue summons on the new address. In case, the opposite party is not served summons, the plaintiff may initiate proceedings to declare him a proclaimed offender by the court. That order will be provided to the police. In the end, if the opposite party returns to India, immigration will come to know he's a proclaimed offender. 

Can you provide case details so that I can answer your query in detail.

Answered on January 14, 2017.
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You question is slightly unclear here. You said that the false money suit summon is served upon the 
accused. In this case you do not need to respond at all. The court’s summon is for the accused. 
However, if you have received anything from the court which requires your clarification, you can go 
ahead and answer it regardless of the presence or absence of the accused,


Researcher: Amrisha Tripathi

Answered on January 31, 2017.
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