Secret Court Marriage

A a boy married G a girl( it was a court marriage) neither of their parents knew. A stayed with his parents and G with hers. After few months A shifted to Delhi for job. Its been three years now since they got married and now A seeks divorce. The girl G has not told her parents and cannot say this. How can G apply for a divorce without telling her parents. G does not live in delhi can petition for divorce be filed in Delhi? Will G have to appear before the court to get divorce? kindly tell the detailed process for obtaining divorce.

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If the divorce Petition is to be filed in wife that is girl then she can file it at the place where she is residing, further the case can be filed at the place where marrigae has taken place or where both residee togather or where the respondend resides, if both of you want a divorce then you can go for mutual consent divorce which you both have to file and the whole process of mutual consent divorce takes atleast 6 months to complete, further if you alone want divorce the you have to file Petition of divorce against him on grounds of desertion and if he does not appear then you will be granted divorce exparte which will take atleast 2 to 3 months, but if he comes and objects the the procees will take much longer period, further the parents will not come to know unless anyone tells them or they get to know by any other means.

Answered on August 4, 2016.
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