Rohingya Refugees in India

What is the protection given to the Rohingya refugees in India

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India does not have any law in place to deal with refugees coming to India. Over a period of time, the Government has been managing the inflow of the refugees from Tibet or Bangladesh by Execuitive Orders for their stay and rehabilitation. No Executive Order has been given for the Rohingyas by the Government. For now most of the refugees are being prosecuted under the Foreigner's Act for entering India without a passport. In some cases reported in Jammu and Kashmir, Rohingyas have been charged under for illegal entry and have been asked to deport back to Myanmar. Unfortunately, since they are not recognized as citizens in Myanmar , the Government in Myanmar has no responsibilty to take them back. Some of the Rohingya refugees are therefore in prison waiting for a travel permit to Myanmar from the Government of Myanmar.

The UNHCR has provided some support to the Rohingyas by providing them makeshift camps and id cards.The refugees have to register themselves with the UNHCR to get the support extended by the organization. This has been done with the support of the Indian Government but no proactive protective support has been extended by the Government towards the Rohingyas. The Government has not made any provision to provide long term visa and work permit to the Rohingyas registered with the UNHCR.





Answered on December 30, 2016.
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