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Grand Father purchased Residential Barren Land and having A Son B daughter C wife D Grand Daughter, Grand Father was died long Back. On record 3 Share Holder name registered.Joint Patta not divided yet. I was promised while married to D by C that she will give me land to construct house but now B creating making problem and not agreed upon this proposal and I tried amicably finish this but she waiting for C to die then she will claim rightfully @ court of 50 share of whole land. Please suggest me any idea so that I can make strong documents so that at later date anything any case come then documents can not be revoked by Court. Hoping your best answer on this Subject Thanking you Abdul Farzon SK Grand Son in Law of this case.

Asked on October 27, 2016 in property.
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Your wife’s grandfather’s share of the property would rightfully go to A, B and C equally, as they come under the class I heir list. You or your wife is in no way entitled a share in the property.  Your wife may receive her share only after the death of C, her mother.

The best and easiest solution to ensure that C is able to keep her promise towards providing you with a share of the property is by making a will. She may include you as a benefiter in her will, in this way B would legally have to accept your share and she would not be able to stop you from enjoying the property.

Answered on November 8, 2016.
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