right to Festival and processions

Can a caste trust or people of a caste celebrate a festival and procession for God in their expense..without the participation of others

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As per Article 25 of the Constitution every individual has the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate his/ her religion. The right to propagate one’s religion means the right to communicate the person’s beliefs to another person or to expose the tenets of that faith. As per a Supreme Court decision a religious denomination has the right to lay down the rites
and ceremonies to be performed by its members – Ramanuj v
Tamil Nadu State AIR 1972 SC 1586. As per the Constitution, a person can practice and propagate his religion as long as law and order
is maintained.Courts have allowed religious processions as long as the law and order situation is maintained. (Mmizur Hasan v Muhammad Zaman (1924) 52
IA 61; Muhammad Siddiqms v State of UP (1955) 1 All 121). Therefore, the concerned people from a particular caste have the freedom to celebrate their festival and carry out a procession as long as law and order is maintained which allows the Police to regulate the law and order. The way the group of people have the right to practice their religion you have the right to stay away from the celebrations as well but you cannot expect the group to stop their celebrations.

Answered on September 28, 2016.
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