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Sir/mam We had registered a society 3 years ago with a committe of 7 members. Then we changed the committe with addition of 6 other members. At that time we didn't know anything about legal process how to get committe changed in society, meanwhile a broker approached us and made our files and legal documents ready, then all the 12 committe members had to sign all the documents required to get the society registered, almost 6 members were present at that time so they signed the documents, but broker made us also sign the documents with the name of remaining members, as we didn;t know about legal process so we signed the documents(Id proof etc) with those of members who were not present there at that time. Now we want to make our committe change legally and want to be in the safe zone for future if any of the member file case on us about it. But in present time every member of society is with us and now can sign anywhere on anything like affidavit etc. So kindly please help us

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Depending on where you are located the society will be governed by the relevant legislation. The relevant society registration act has rules applicable on societies. Adding/terminating members from the society should be done in line with the legislation. 

Moreoevr the society must be having its terms clear with respect to admission/termination of members and should be followed.

Answered on November 6, 2016.
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