Process for registration of a shop

I have general store shop I want to registered under shop act. Please tell me how to registered this shop tell me procedure and fees.

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Registration needs to be done within 30 days of commencing operations.
Application in Form-A duly completed with supporting documents are required to be
submitted to the local Labour Inspector with necessary payment towards registration fee.
Registration can also be done online on the website of the department of labour of the
respective State. (For registration in Delhi check here)
The following information must be provided as a part of the Shop and Establishment Act
Registration application:
 The name of the employer and manager, if any
 The postal address of the establishment;
 The name, if any, of the establishment; and
 Such other particulars as may be prescribed.
On submission of the application, the Inspect would verify and provide the Shops and
Establishment Act Registration.
(The fees varies from state to state for Registration in Delhi – check here)

Answered on October 9, 2017.
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