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Hi I want to know a detailed step by step procedure to file a Public Interest Litigation in the High Court or the Supreme court. Like where to go in the High court, which docs to submit, what is the fees if I don't hire a lawyer, etc. Need to know it urgently. Thanks.

Asked on October 1, 2016 in PIL.
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The procedure for filing a PIL is the same as that of a writ petition. This basically
means that to file a writ petition in a High Court, a person has to approach the High Court
under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, and to file a writ petition in the Supreme
Court, the person has to approach the Supreme Court under Article 32 of the Constitution of
If you do not want an advocate to represent your interest, then, you can file the PIL yourself,
as a Petitioner-in- Person. This basically means that you would be representing your own
In High Court
If a Public Interest Litigation is filed in a High court, then two (2) copies of the petition have
to be filed. Also, an advance copy of the petition has to be served on the each respondent, i.e.
opposite party, and this proof of service has to be affixed on the petition.
In Supreme Court
If a Public Interest Litigation is filed in the Supreme court, then (4)+(1) (i.e. 5) sets of
petition has to be filed opposite party is served, the copy only when notice is issued.
Court Fees
A Court fee of RS. 50, per respondent (i.e. for each number of opposite party, court fees of
RS. 50)has to be affixed on the petition.
 Proceedings, in the PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION commence and carry on in
the same manner, as other cases.
 However, in between the proceedings if the judge feels he may appoint a
commissioner, to inspect allegations like pollution being caused, trees being cut,
sewer problems, etc.
 After filing of replies, by opposite party, and rejoinder by the petitioner, final hearing
takes place, and the judge gives his final decision.
Answered on October 14, 2016.
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