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Dear Sir / Madam, We have won a legal battle with our neighbor. He has sued us saying that we have encroached his land. After seven years long battle he could not provide enough evidence and we won the battle. Now when we started building boundary wall he has submitted a complaint to the local “ town panchayat” or town municipality (we live in a very small town, it’s a subdivision) that the wall we are constructing is illegal. We got a notice from them to stop the work. As per knowledge he cannot do so because we already have court order saying that we are not encroaching his land. For your information we have not informed the municipal that we are constructing a boundary wall. Please suggest how can we start the construction again.

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All you have to do is produce the decree of the Court before the municipality. Also, you should produce before them a copy of the registration documents which validate your ownership of the land. Usually the documents contain details like the area of land you are authorised to use, the name of the person owning the land, date of registration, etc. For your information, there is an office of Stamps and Registration set up by every State Government; this has its branches across all the divisions. It is responsible for registration of lands within its jurisdiction. There is also a land holding and ceiling statute for every State, defining the rules and regulations with regard to the area of land one is authorised to hold, the amount of authorised construction one can carry out on a land, etc. The Department of Stamps and Registration registers a land on the basis of the guidelines mentioned in the aforesaid statutes. Just because there is a complaint against you, you should not worry. Once the municipality verifies your documents, it will revoke its restraint which will enable you to begin the construction on your land, again.

Answered on September 17, 2016.
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