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Many years ago, my father had been allotted a land in Bikaner (Chattargarh Area) Rajasthan under Indira Gandhi Canal project. The department personnel came to our village to collect the data many many years back. We have no documents regarding that except the fact that my grandmother remembers some survey people taking down the details of our family members for proposed land allotment. Few months back, we got a call from a person who told us that an area had been allotted under my father's name and he is interested to buy it for some cash. We therefore conducted an inquiry in the department at chattargarh, but the department people are not providing any details. Local people of the area told us that these people are interlinked with the property dealers who wants to capture all the land. Please suggest how should we proceed ?

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Apply for the information regarding patta details of the land to the revenue department or to the tehsildar of the area. A Patta is a legal document issued by the Government in the name of the actual owner of a particular plot of land. If, no satisfactory reply is given from the department's side one can file a writ petition in the High Court under article 226 of the constitution to direct the authority to recover and  deliver the  possession of the land allotted years ago.


Answered on December 11, 2016.
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