Modification in the terms and condition of the contract

A company who is providing software services entered into a software agreement with another company to provide software services with terms n conditions and based on terms n conditions both party entered into a contract on a particular date . All conditions of contract were fulfilled like there was a proposal , acceptance n price was agreed to be paid for software services. After one year both party amended the contract stating that the contract entered into by them will be enforceable from a new date n year . Now the question are as follows :- * What is the date of renewal of contract? * What is the consideration price? *From which date both part entered into the contract? *Arrange the documents as per the hierarchy n importance to validate your answer ? * Suppose previous date of contract was 10/2/15 but after amendment the contract will be enforceable from 10/3/14 and the contract is for first 3 years n will be extended if both parties are agree thereto *whether there is any important document which is missing

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From the facts given by you it is not possible to answer your questions. The exact date of contract and consideration of the contract can only be known upon the detailed reading of the provisions of the contract.

Answered on November 15, 2017.
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