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Dear sir, One of the builder is building township in the name of devansh Vihar in Varanasi.and selling plot. I approached him and asked certain documents. Firstly he confirmed that plan is approved by Varanasi development authority and we can get the details by paying minimum amount in VDA office. Secondly he told that he has made aggrement with farmers and while selling the plot he will provide katha no of plot so that we can verify ownership of land. Thirdly he told that while registration transfer of ownership will take place between farmer and me then only payment shall be asked. So can I go for the purchase of plot or shall I have to check any other document so the in near future I can get proper loan for building my house. Kindly help I shall be highly obliged.

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You have mentioned in the facts that the builder has told you that you can get the required documents pertaining to the building township from the VDA office. Also that the katha number will also be given for reference. Furthermore, he said that payment shall be asked for after the transfer of ownership is registered.

Therefore, it can be concluded that prima facie, there is no problem with the property as the builder is ready give you all the documents you are asking for. Also the fact that he is asking for payment later, reduces the chances of fraudulent transaction. Certain documents which are essential include the documents of registration of the original owner of the plot of land, documents of the builder lawfully acquiring the plot of land, document of the plot being registered, copy of the sale deed, to name a few.

Regarding claiming of bank loan, I would suggest that since you have time in hand, you should go to the respective bank and ask them as to what all documents are required to apply for loan. Then you show the list to the builder. If he is able to provide the required documents, I think you should not have any problem.


Hope this helps!

Answered on September 27, 2016.
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