Legal procedure in absence of will

my father passed away in feb 2016 with out any will or beneficary. he have a land in vada,thane on his name as HUF AND 10 lakhs in bank only on his name no, HUF or beneficary. i and my brother want that my mother gets everything for which we have given her POA, Do we need probate or sucessen letter or both,,what shouid we do?how much it would cost including lawyer fees. BOTH land and bank are in wada,Thane, but we live in mumbai. the land is agriculture land 12 acre, my father was a farmer and did farming for his living.

Asked on November 28, 2016 in no will.
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Answered on November 30, 2016.
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Dear Sir

As far as your case is concerned no probate will be required as there is no will. As far as bank money is concerned, the bank will call you to obtain the succession certificate and as far as the land is concerned you have to approach the land records office and have to apply for necessary changes in the land records along with required documents. 

Feel free to contact me for the same. 



Deepak Raut

Answered on November 30, 2016.
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There should be no problem with the 10 lakh rupees. Since you, your brother and your 

mother are his only heir, you can decide as to how to deal with the 10 lakhs among 


However, the land may be a problem. You have mentioned that it is a HUF. Since, your father 

had not left behind any will or something, the succession will be governed by the Hindu 

Succession Act, 1956 amended in 2005. As per S. 6(3) of the abovementioned Act, your 

father is entitled to get a share in the HUF after a notional partition has been made. Now, all 

three of you will inherit your father’s share in the HUF as per S. 8 of the abovementioned act. 

You and your brother can then give your share to your mother. But then again, if the HUF 

consists of only you, your father, your mother and your brother, then you can easily give up 

your shares to your mother completely. 

As there is no will or beneficiary, the question of probate does not arise here. Probate is an 

instrument to validate the will. Succession letter is essentially a form of will. This case will 

only be an intestate succession governed by the abovementioned Act. Regarding, the fees of 

the lawyer, it is a subjective matter. 



Answered by Arnab Ray, Legal researcher at Lawfarm.

Answered on December 5, 2016.
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