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Hi, Myself Dushyant Dutta living in delhi. My wife's name is Vandana Bisht in all her pre & post marriage certificates. Our marriage certificate also Shows Dushyant Dutta weds Vandana Bisht. Last year we were blessed with a baby boy. We got his birth certificate with father's name as "Dushyant Dutta" and Mother's name as "Vandana Dutta". This is done because we want our child to use mother's & father's name with surname "Dutta". Additionally, I want my wife to retain her pre-marriage surname i.e. "Bisht" Will this cause any future issues to my child or my wife? Kindly advice. Regards, Dushyant

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Dear Dushyant

She can retain her maiden name. It will not cause any future issues to your child or your wife.

But I woukd advice you to publish it in the official governement gazette that your wife would like to be named as "Vandana Bisht" and also prepare an Affidavit that all the names of your wife (by the names she is known or called) that all belong to one and the same person.

I hope this solves your query



Answered on January 4, 2017.
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As long as all the documents which you had submitted along with the application for birth certificate were attested by the Gazetted officer, you shall not have any problem. What is your wife’s name as per the Ration Card? If it is Vandana Dutta and you want her to retain her pre-marriage name, then you must give a public declaration in print media declaring the same. In either case, the birth certificate shall not be problematic to either of the two.

Answered on January 15, 2017.
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