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Does following stmt makes 100% jurisdiction at victim city: I had been facing insult in Rohtak city from known person and relative because of which I am not able to earn my living and maintain minimum living standard. Chanan Ram had made it impossible for me to work for many years by spreading about me that i have a weak memory and trying to make me believe that i am weak memory person.

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We assume you are suing for defamation. 

According to Section 499 of IPC, three elements have to be fulfilled before a defamation case can be filed-

1. Any defamatory statement has been circulated by a person with ill intention

2. This “circulation” is to be beyond the person who is being defamed and the person who is making up such stuff

3. Such “circulation” has led to loss of reputation for the victim

Visit https://lawfarm.in/question/contributory-negligence-as-a-defence  for more on this legal issue.

The Jurisdiction would be the place where the victim was defamed/where the insulting statment was circulated. The Limitation period is 1 year from the date of last defamatory word uttered/ written, that means the case must be filed within one year of the "insult"


Answered on February 1, 2017.
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