Job abroad while a case is pending

My file has filed a DV case in March this year, I got to know about this through E-Court services website, also I have not received any summons from the court till date.I am a NRI employee, and about to join my work abroad in a couple of weeks time.To prevent going abroad, they threaten me by serving summons.How to tackle this legally and join work in time?

Asked on October 22, 2016 in summons.
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Dear client, 


Service of summons or notice is mandatory in DV cases. Hence do not worry. Even presence of Respondent personally is not mandatory. 

Feel free to contact me. 

Deepak Raut 

Advocate Mumbai. 


Answered on October 22, 2016.
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Dear sir,

The purpose of summons is to compel your attendance in a court of justice. Now, this attendance can be “in person” as well as “through Counsel”. Therefore, you need not to worry about staying back in india for such purpose. However, (as and when the trial proceeds further), there may be times when you are required to be present in person for a hearing, which obviously cannot be deferred with and you will be obliged to come back for a day or two. If your concern is that you will have to be present in the court at all times, during the entire proceedings then i would suggest you, not to worry.

Having said this, all this happens when you receive a summons in the first place which as of today you haven’t. Therefore, you are a free man. No summons can stop you from going abroad. You can happily join your work abroad along with our best wishes.

Answered on October 23, 2016.
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