How to file a PIL online?

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A provision exists for Advocates-on-record (in the Supreme Court of India) or Petitioner-in-person to file his/her matter through internet facility, sitting anywhere in the world. This is called E-Filing. It does not require any person to come at the filing Counter in the Registry of the Supreme Court of India for just filing his/her matter. Prequalification – you must have prepared the Petition offline. The steps required for E-Filing process are:

1. Login: For login you need User ID and Password. (Advocate on record are provided ID and password from the Registry. Petitioner-in-person has to create his ID and Password by submitting his/her Identity proof.

2. After successful login, you have to upload all the files/documents of the matter.

3. At last Court Fee is automatically calculated through system. The total Court Fee includes Court Fee prescribed in the Supreme Court Rules + printing charges (@1.50 per page) for 1+5 sets(in case of Writ Petition) or 1-3 sets(in rest of the matters). The total Court Fee is payable online through Credit Card only.

4. Finally, if Court Fee is successfully paid a reference no. is generated by the system against the case filed by the Petitioner-in-Person/Advocate on record. Same reference no. is to be used again at the time of refilling of documents.

Answered on September 7, 2013.
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