Harassment by landlord

Hi sir, I am residing in Mumbai , I have been a tenant for 11 months contract and the Contract is getting over today, However we have shifted near by on 28/08/2016 to the near by building in the same society, The owner of the Old House visited the house on 28/08/2016 and got the Keys from us and informed us that she will remit the Deposit in the Evening deducting the money for the repairs and painting, However she has remitted the amount neither called me , I have called her twice and reminded her but she told she will but when I call her around 10.30 PM ( Sunday) She was telling that she want 4-5 thousand for the reparing for the Tubes and for Cleaning as I felt its too high I was just requesting her to provide me the Break up of the requested expenses, However she started yelling at me stating that " You are a Dog and why should I explain you the Break up " and the was talking to the Core and at last I told her that " Let me complete the work and Hand over the keys, Give me Some Time" she was asking me to take a leave on Monday and continue the Work , they around 11 pm at night and I Informed my manager and got an emergency leave but she did not even provide me the keys neither pick up my calls, and she picked up the call after 30 times try and responded that the Entire family is mad and was scolding to the Core even I have some messages from her as proof, We complained in the Association and they tried calling her but she did not responded them, againg on the Same day we went to the Police station for raising a complain since she is not at all picking my calls , However police officer made a call and she informed that she does not have money now nad she requires 2 more days to refund , However Today night the Agreement is getting over , Kindly assist me How we can proceed this issue

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The issue is that there has been a breach of the rental agreement.

Since you have made consistent efforts to reach to the landlord for the deposit money, but she has failed to return, you have two options:

1. Registering of a complaint to the local police station.

2. Sending a legal notice to the landlord. This act amounts to ‘breach of contract’, and you can sue her for compensation under Section 73 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.

Answered on September 12, 2016.
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Madam file a police complaint for abusing  and harassing you and further issue a legal notice to refund the amount and if she does not return the file a case in civil court claiming refund and compensation for the loss caused.

Answered on September 13, 2016.
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