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Sir, My younger brother ( Age- 23 years ), resident of Bihar, fell in love with a girl (Age- 19 years), resident of M.P., on Facebook. After some time the girl said that she wanted to meet the boy and wanted to marry him. But the boy declined by citing the reason that he is not self-dependent and can not marry her until he gets a job. But the girl left home came to meet the boy. Both kept this matter secret from their parents. Somehow the girl got caught by police and afraid of them she told a different story that she was kidnapped from her native place and pushed into prostitution. On further investigation, she told the real story to the police and the police called the boy ( my brother ) to the police station. Here, the police interrogated my brother and no F.I.R. was done. But, lost report in case of girl was registered at her native place. Therefore, police of her place came to take her. But, the girl and her family started pressurizing my family to marry my brother with her daughter otherwise they would file a police complain against my brother and when they were returning to their home they took my brother with them. But, my brother escaped in the mid-way and came home back. Now, please tell me what legal proceedings may arise against him what should we do to save him and my family from any legal trouble. Aanchal.

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Miss Anchal, firstly by the facts cited by you, your brother acted very wisely and has not done any wrong. However, it is the psychology of the girl’s family to act against your brother and may take some action to save face. Owing to the extremely female oriented laws, women these days pressured by their family may take advantage and ensue legal proceedings of a vide nature to try and legitimise acts such as the ones committed with your brother. If you strongly anticipate legal action it is advised that you apply for an anticipatory bail under Section 438 of the Criminal Procedure Code. 

However, if you don’t want to defend but rather take an offensive stance you may file a case against the girl’s family for threatening you and trying to kidnap you. You may first send them a legal notice warning them of your intentions and persuade them to leave without legal action.

However, if they are persistent an FIR can be lodged against the girl’s family for threatening and trying to abduct your brother. Please do get sound legal help which can be obtained from the below link.







Answered on January 18, 2017.
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