Encroachment on the land

A person, intentionally buillt a property in our 60*40 plot. We field a case against him and my lawyer isn't that good enough to represent. On our plot document, north side is govt road, which is in our layout copy. The person who contracted ground flor on his document east side is govt road, when we use compas for the direction road is in north side. Is this will help to our case or we need to collect more evidence. Thanks

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first go and lodged the fir aginst him.. it will work as strong evidence…. take your sale deed of plot and file a suit of ejectment in civil court against him

Answered on November 26, 2017.
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First of all, you need to check with the government records, as the Registry currently
shows. As per your version of the facts, you have the original documents of the land,
which show the direction and adjacent areas correctly. While it might be considered as a
piece of evidence, however, it is not conclusive proof to point towards ownership of the
land. There have been previous instances of incorrect entry of ancillary details in such
documents. However, ,you should ask your lawyer to highlight this discrepancy to the
Second, try and find some other details which would be in addition to the above
mentioned one. One of these can be proof of how the property was transferred to you in
the first place. If the other party challenges that, then he will have to show how he has
legally acquired the land. The documents which would prove legal transfer of ownership
over the property to you would be a major evidence in proving your point.
Since you have not mentioned the kind of area your plot is located in –whether rural or
urban, you can find below two links to online Central government land records which
chiefly deal with rural areas.
 https://archive.india.gov.in/citizen/graminbharat/graminbharat.php?id=13
 http://meity.gov.in/content/land-records
 Transfer of Property Act, 1882

Answered on December 13, 2017.
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