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We are starting a e-commerce web site where retailers and whole sale dealers will be able to list their alcohols and we will deliver the items from their shops to concerned persons house on receiving the order. We are not going to sell alcohols of one state to other state. Item will be delivered on proper age verification.Please let me know if there is any legal problem?

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I strongly suggest to have a full-fledged opinion on this issue based on specific facts. Why? 

1. you have to check the states that permit consumption of alcohols. 

2. You should have some standard which has to be adhered by the sellers. Even though you only provide a platform, any adulteration which migh cause ill-health to consumers will take you to courts. 

3. Mere online age verification may not suffice.

4. In some states only the government can sell alcohol.

5. any other specific restrictions in this regard.

Approach an advocate in your known circle who may be good at research and/or associated with dealing matters related to alcohol.

Hope this helps. 

Answered on March 5, 2017.
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To sell the liquor in online before that you have to tie up with the Authorized retailers in the written agreement for the selling Liquor in the Particular area. Your agreement have to in accordance with each state rules and regulations.Even in some state you can’t operate because some state laws are imposed a ban on the Liquor consumption and selling. If the concern state law permits the liquor sale then you may sell the same through the retailors.

Answered on March 6, 2017.
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Sir, selling alcohol online in India is banned in many states like Delhi and where such shops were closed some time back. However, some other states like Karnataka allow the sale of liquor online. Thus, firstly you much check if your state allows the sale of alcohol online.

Apart from this the general steps for sale of alcohol online are that firstly you much obtain a valid certificate from the State excise department for your operation. Apart from this you must take steps to avoid selling to minors by asking for a scanned copy of id proof with every delivery.

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A model itself a problem , for alcohol you need to have license , you can't sell online it's barred by law , first you need to get license from respective state you wish to operate and of course you will not get license 

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