1- A filed a divorce case 1 and a half year ago, which is on evidence stage at the family court 2- Now the other party has sought mediation, and case is referred for mediation 3- if we reach at an agreement we file divorce under 13(b) 4- what happens to the cases which are pending right now? 5- what if the other party withdraws from the agreement within the cooling period of 6 months, or on the date in the court?

Asked on July 17, 2013 in indian law.
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Sir , if the case is sent for mediation then the mediator also can finalse and sent the report to the court and report of the settlement and the court can pass orders of divorce on such terms as agreed, or the said case filed under section 13 can be converted to 13 B by way of amendment and the then there will be no requirement of waiting for 6 months also.

Answered on August 4, 2016.
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