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I was married in May 2014 according to Hindu marriage act. We were together for 5 months. Due to differences we are living separated since Dec 2014. No Child. Now If I want to file for a Divorce, how much Alimony will I have to Pay? I have monthly salary of 55K after regular deductions. I own a 1 BHK flat for which I have taken home loan and current outstanding is 11 Lacs. I do not have financial responsibility of my parents as my father is a pensioner. How much approximate Alimony will I have to Pay if I go for one time settlement? What would you recommend one time settlement or EMI? and why?

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Your querries are matters of discussion and would not have yes/ no or any concrete answers at this stage.

Alimony is not granted as a routine. The other spouse has to ask for it. Also while granting the alimony the Court considers the "Capacity to earn"of the party. Whether the spouse claiming alimony is educated/ has a job or some earning, has any special needs/ responsibilities, standard of living…. such many vital parameters are considered. The income and financial liabilities of the Spouse (in this case You) expected to give alimony are also taken into account.

However, if parties are taking divorce by mutual consent, they can decide the amount by discussion and record it in court applications. Monthly payment/ one time settlement – depends upon the convenience of the parties. There are other reasons also, which can be discussed through consultation, while seeking legal advice.detailed 

Answered on December 12, 2018.
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