Criminal record after false case

A false case was put on me and was forced to do the compromise and I was 17yrs that time and still the police officer told me to say in the court that my age was 20, I refused but they told me that it was only option left as FIR was filed against me under IPC 337 which was settled in lok adalat . So I wanted to ask am I having a criminal record now?

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If the matter is settled in lok aladat, then yes it is now mentioned in your criminal history. Only if a person gets acquitted or discharge, then only it doesnt add to his crmiminal record.

But in case of need you can always justify it.

Answered on July 31, 2017.
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Sir the Lok Adalat has the power equal to civil court and its decrees hold a strong legal
binding. Thus, its orders with reflect on the legal history of a recipient. Nonetheless as your
case was a compromise and you were a minor, implications of the decree will be negligible
and you have nothing to worry.

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