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I am 18 yrs old and my lover is 19 yrs old. We are hindus by birth. We both had interest in Islam and we converted to Islam.But we don't have any certificates stating we are muslims.I am being tortured by my parents physically and mentally.I want to go and live with my lover so that I can be happy and can continue my studies peacefully. My lover's parents are ok with our love and marriage .If I go to them they will take care of me and my studies. Now my question is can we marry now because we are muslims and Islam says a girl and a boy can marry at any age after maturation. So can we fetch certificates stating we are Muslims and can we marry? Or can I stay in my lovers house and study without marrying him?

Asked on November 5, 2016 in love.
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Ma’am the certificate of conversion that you seek can be obtained in any mosque. You would

be required to first recite the “kalma” after which a certificate, printed on the letter head of

the mosque, which must be duly signed by the maulana and two witnesses will be granted.

After which you may submit a declaration followed by subsequent confirmation before the

registering authority. Doing so would serve as weighty documentary evidence, thereby

minimizing the scope of controversy, in legal matters. You may also apply for a name change

that must be published in the official Gazette of India. A name change helps a lot in getting

permits for Haj or Umrah and further acts as a safeguard against legal hassles.

The Supreme Court in a recent land mark case has laid down, couples in a live-in relationship

would be considered as husband and wife until proven otherwise, apart from this the Apex

Court also has given right to claim maintenance to the lady in a live-in relationship in the

event of it falling apart. As per Muslim Personal Law and Indian Law a marriage or Nikah

must satisfy a few essentials. The most important being that parties must be adult, i.e. 18 for

women and 21 for boys. As your lover has not reached the age necessary for a legal wedding

to occur, you may live with him, until he attains the age of 21 and then proceed for Nikah.

Answered on November 7, 2016.
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