Candidate with criminal registered but later compromised eligibility in government job

If any criminal case is registered against someone and after sometime gets compromised in court and the court decides the person to be free from charges, can that candidate be eligible for ssc/government job?

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Sir, it is the cardinal rule of Indian criminal jurisprudence that an individual is held to be innocent until charges against him are proven. This rules gives the right to any person against whom charges are pending to apply for government job, and no discrimination can be made against him for selection just because trial is pending and until he is convicted.

However in your case charges were proven to be false and acquittal was done, that leaves no room for barring of selection on grounds of criminal proceedings. But you must ensure one thing, that you must should disclose the full facts in your application forms at the time of applying the job. Concealing the facts related to FIRs or criminal proceedings may amount to misconduct and may prove to have an adverse effect on your selection.

Answered on October 14, 2016.
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