Can I get a refund?

I have enrolled for a integrated course for class 11 and 12 in byjus for 2016-18 paying 1,50,000 in a one shot payment for 2 years ..But I don't want to continue in the institution can I have my money refunded..I have completed class 11 I don't want to continue 12..can I get my money back

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If there is a clause which expressly mentions that it is one time investment as the amount paid will not be refunded, (generally mentioned on the back of receipt or contract as terms and conditions)  then, you cannot get the amount back. But if there is no clause as such you can get the amount back after the deduction of the fees for the class 11th.Therefore, if the person is not refunding the amount then you can file the Recovery Suit you can file under Order XXXVII of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 and Section 16 (c) of the Specific Relief Act by producing the receipt as Evidence.


Researcher: Jayant Garg

Answered on February 10, 2017.
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Dear Prajwal,

Firstly, i agree with the answer given by Lawfarm Team as the contractual terms determines almost everything. However, you need to have some strong reason for discontinuing the course. If you have valid a reason and it has some corresponding deficiency of serivce on the part of byjus, irrespective of the contractual terms, the refund can be claimed in addition to damages for deficiency of service. 

I strongly suggest that you take the advice of your parents as you wont be able to decide things at this age. 

On a personal note, i have filed a consumer case against byjus for deficiency of serivce before District Consumer Forum, Chennai. They dont give importance to students if the the number of students are low as it generates low income for them.


Answered on February 14, 2017.
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