Can I Evict my Daughter in Law

Writing this on behalf of my father: My son is living on a separate place but still my daughter in law don't want to live with him, she used to harassed us mentally and physically for property and money. She attacked my wife, facture her in 2014, we file a case of 323, 325 against her, due to threaten we both me and my wife living on rent on separate place since 2014, she captured the whole flat alone. I am the special power attorney holder of that flat. Flat is in faridabad ( haryana), i buy this flat in 2008 and special power attorney of that flat is from jalandar punjab. Can i file a eviction suit against my daughter in law on the basis of special power of attorney or i need to do registry to show that i am the owner of that flat.

Asked on February 13, 2017 in Eviction.
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One need not be the owner for the purpose of filing an eviction suit, and you should be allowed to do the same as a Special Power of Attorney holder as well [SR Siha v. H Banerjee]. This is because you have a better right than her, even though not a perfected ownership, and she does not have any rights in the flat.

Researcher: Ayushi Singhal


Answered on March 5, 2017.
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