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Online legal consultation with a lawyer

Online legal consultation is similar to any consultation, where legal experts are hired for consultation and assistance in legal matters, legal documentations, and compliances. 

Parties involved:

  • Client
    Client is someone who appoints an external consultant for their services. A client can be an individual or a company..
  • Legal consultant

    Legal consultant is the external expert or lawyer appointed by the client for their services.

Essentials to remember when opting for online legal consultation

Clear expectations

It is important to understand that online legal consultation provides you, a client, with an opportunity to discuss your legal needs with a lawyer. This is where you discuss the type of legal assistance you need, your lawyer’s initial opinion, etc. Your expectations out of the initial consultation should be simple and clear – developing a clear understanding of your situation and the assistance that can be provided by the consultant lawyer.

Asking the right and relevant questions

You should talk about the lawyer’s background work, their plan of action with regards to your case and requirements, their charges, their bandwidth, etc. Online legal consultation is the best and fastest way to get all answers to your legal questions and for getting clarity as to the next best steps

Keeping the relevant documents ready

If there are any documents that you wish to discuss or rely on, it is advisable that you share them with the lawyer before the consultation. This would help the lawyer to get familiarised with your case and would accelerate the process. For instance, if you wish to consult a lawyer regarding your share in your father’s property then it’d be useful to share the property details, family details, etc. with the lawyer beforehand.

What are the possible outcomes of online legal consultation?

Legal opinion

Online legal consultation can help you gather legal opinions and answers to questions specific to your circumstances. You can know your rights, liabilities, available course of action, etc.

Legal assistance

It can also help you receive actual legal assistance like drafting agreements, reviewing your tax liabilities, carrying out negotiations, etc.

Legal representation

It can also help you connect with lawyers who can represent you and act on your behalf in situations where you are not in a position to directly engage. For instance, in legal proceedings, dealing with a property situated far from your place of residence, etc.

Are you one of these?

  • A young entrepreneur looking for legal and business-related advise 
  • Someone looking for assistance in legal drafting and review
  • A business owner who wishes to be legally compliant
  • Someone who needs assistance in any legal matter

Then you definitely need online legal consultation


Why is it more effective compared to traditional offline meetings?

  • Time and money conservation
    As the hassles of arranging offline meetings are avoided, costs incurred by the lawyers come down. This means that online legal consultations are often cheaper as compared to offline consultations. Additionally, reading about reviews and works of online consultants is much easier and faster. As a result, you can do away with the need of first talking to multiple lawyers to understand your requirements and then finding a suitable lawyer.
  • Efficient documentation
    Unlike offline consultation, in the case of online legal consultation, all documentation and records are virtually maintained. This reduces the risk of loss or destruction of the files and documents and also ensures easy access to data as and when required.
  • Accountability
    In case of a breach of the terms of the agreement by either of the parties, they can be held responsible for the same and legal actions may be taken against them.
  • Higher confidentiality
    On the same lines, virtual documentation often means that they are safer and more discreet as compared to the physical files and documents maintained in most traditional legal offices. An online legal consultation can better help you safeguard your confidential and sensitive information. However, not all online consultation providers can ensure complete confidentiality and safety. Some sites especially like LawFarm are very careful and take the confidentiality of their users’ information very seriously. Make sure to screen the confidentiality policy and commitmment of the consultant beforehand.
  • Adaptability

    Recent times have seen a huge shift in the legal world from complete offline court proceedings and corporate systems to a combination of an online and offline model. Online legal consultation can ensure continuity irrespective of the changes in the circumstances. It is much more adaptive to the current requirements of the world.

USPs of Lawfarm Services

  • Fixed Fees
    Fees are fixed for each Service and Plan. Browse through the Plans and choose one that you need.
  • Fixed Steps and Timelines
    Each Plan gives the timeline by which you will get your legal deliverable, and inclusions such as lawyer consultation, number of revisions, etc.
  • Customer Success Manager
    Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will make sure you get your Plan inclusions in time. For any queries you can contact him/her.
  • Top Verified Lawyers
    We work with lawyers with over 10,000 hours of experience in the area of work which you require. Your legal deliverable is in safe hands.