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Asked November 29, 2015

what license to acquire before starting business of fresh vegetable produce?

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What is the kind of license(s) that I would require before I can start a business involving trading of fresh produce (vegetables) in a city in India?


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Every food business operator must register themselves with the Registering Authority by submitting an application for registration in form A of Schedule 2[i] along with a fee of Rs 100. The registration authority may either grant registration or reject it with reasons given in writing. The registration authority may also issue a notice for inspection and will only grant the registration if it is satisfied with the safety, hygiene and sanitation conditions of the work area. Please remember that the Registration Authority or any officer who is specifically authorized can carry out food safety inspection in all registered establishment at least once a year.

Apart from the registration process no person can commence any food business unless he possesses a valid license (granted by the Central Licensing Authority). An Application for the grant of license should be made in form B of schedule 2[ii] to the concerned Licensing Authority and it must be accompanied by a self attested declaration in the format as found in Annexure-1[iii] and copies of documents (mentioned in Annexure 2 of Schedule-2[iv]) along with a fee of Rs. 7500/-.  After an applicant places his application with the licensing authority, he will be issued an Application ID Number. The license will be issued (by the concerned Licensing Authority) within a period of 60 days from the date of issue such application ID number. If upon scrutiny of the application it is found that the application is incomplete or any further information about the application is needed the Licensing Authority will inform the applicant in writing to furnish the additional information or complete the application within another 30 days of such notice. If all goes well and the license is granted, the businessman is required by law to display, a true copy of the license, at a prominent place within his office/place-of-business. This has to be permanent and visible to everyone at all times.

The license will be valid for a period of 1 to 5 years as chosen by the food business operator. Any application for the renewal of the license must be made in form A or B of schedule 2[v]  not later than thirty days prior to the expiry date indicated in the license.

All payments must be paid vide pay order or a demand draft or any online mode of payment as me be prescribed by the Food Safety Commissioner.

[i] Form A of schedule 2 available at:,%202011.pdf

[ii] Form B of schedule 2 available at:,%202011.pdf


[iii] Format found in Annexure 1 available at:,%202011.pdf

[iv] Copies of documents mentioned in Annexure 2 of schedule 2 available at:,%202011.pdf

[v] Supra note 1 and 2


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