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Website purchase- Legal queries

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Hello Sir/ Madam, I made an online purchase from a website outside India. Hence I request the following information: 1.What govt. duties do I have to pay. Is there any limit up to which I need not pay any duties? Is such an upper limit valid per purchase or on total value of goods purchased annually? 2.Are there any KYC norms applicable for such purchase? (the website I ordered from did not ask for any KYC document number). If KYC is required, whom should I submit it to? 3. Also, is there anything else I need to take care of ? Pls. note that the items are for personal use and quantity is limited to 1-2 pieces. Thanks, Arvind Gupta

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You shall have to pay the Customs duty during clearance. Only in cases of gifts worth less than Rs 10,000 one is exempted from paying the duty. The Customs duty is payable per purchase and not the annual purchase. Please read the guidelines of the website clearly. Certain websites like Ebay give you the option (Global EasyBuy service) of one time full payment which includes custom duty as well. I don’t think international shipping websites would require your KYC Documents. It is collected by bank majorly for the purpose of ensuring your identity. As long as you are paying the website in advance, they should not be much bothered about KYC details. As per the government guidelines, if the personal goods value for more than Rs 2000, then the seller shall have to produce the evidence of the value to the custom authorities. This shall include the invoice after successful purchase or any other sales document along with the credit card transaction details (including the record of payment). Once the evidence shall be accepted by the custom authorities, you will be allowed to receive the goods after payment of the requisite custom duty.


Answered by Sammanika Rawat, Lawfarm Researcher

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