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Want to purchase land

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I am a resident of Dehradun. I want to purchase the land next to my house. However I am not aware about the details of the owner. How can I find the details. Please guide me. Thanks.

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Answer by Sammanika Rawat, Lawfarm Researcher:

You can get the required details from the Stamp and Registration website of the State of Uttarakhand. It is On the left side corner, click on the heading e-search (search for registered documents). It'll redirect you to a page with the text "e-search". Take your cursor to "Search by Property number". Since you own the nearby property, please check the 'khasra number' in your 'Land Registry document'. Please enter the required details. If you are aware about the last seller, you may choose "Search by Party Name" and fill the required details. In case you are not aware about any of the above, you can simply search by Village category (only if the property falls under 'village category'). Select your village and you can try year-wise for past 10 years. This way you can find the details.


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If you know the land details, survey no, khasra no., PH no etc, you can file an RTI Application with the PIO of City Survey Officer (if the land is in City area) or the Tahasildar if the land is situated in Rural Area and seek certified copy of Mutation Certificate. This document contain the name and address of the owner on record. In Ranbir Singh Solanki v. Land and Building Department [CIC/SA/A2014/001833], the applicant sought information regarding names from Central Information Commission through RTI about plots allocated to those people and CIC provided the same. Also, such application can only be filed with sub-registrar of that area in which the plot or building lies. Every government department has RTI officer to whom your application must be addressed. 

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