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Want to give diplomas

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I have a computer hardware and networking institute in bighapur, Unnao(Uttar pradesh), i have udhog adhar from my district. i want to provide 6 month and one year diploma to my students of my own. so how do i do that, where should i register for it, it is different from the trademark registration(plus ISO registration). please help and tell me where i go for it. my location is Unnao(uttar pradesh)

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You can get your institute registered either as a public enterprise or a private enterprise.

In order to get your institute registered you can approach the Registrar of Companies and get your proprietorship registration through any Company Secretary (CS). However, the cost of registration is subject to what you wish to register your institute as. For example- proprietorship, private limited, public limited, etc. It can vary from Rs. 4000-15000

If you intend to give your students a government recognized degree, you need to register your institute with the All India Centre for Technical Education (AICTE). In common parlance, such institutes are referred to as “manyata prapta” institutes. The procedure for registration is given on the website of AICTE in a user-friendly manner.

First, you need to obtain an “Expert User ID” for which you can refer to the following link.

You shall be required to fill up your details in an elaborate application form. In addition to this, you shall also be required to have certain “system requirements” in terms of

  • Number of PC’s
  • Configuration of PC’s
  • Necessary software required to run a training institute, etc.
  • The guidelines for obtaining the abovementioned ID and filling up the application form can be read from the following link. Kindly follow the steps given in the document.

    Since you intend to provide a diploma in computer education it is advised that your course structure is accredited. Under the Accreditation Scheme of National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), computer-training institutes in the non-formal sector, meeting well-defined criteria, are granted accreditation for specified levels of courses offered under it viz. O (Foundation) Level, A (Advanced Diploma) Level, B Level (Equivalent to MCA) and C Level (equivalent to M.Tech.). In order to get provisional accreditation, follow the steps given in the following link:

    NIELIT has a separate prospectus for accreditation at each level (C, B, A and O) providing elaborate guidelines, requirements and procedures to acquire such accreditation. Refer to the following link:

    The above-mentioned registrations and accreditations are different from Trademark Registration and ISO Certifications. Trademark registration can be obtained by approaching the Office of Registrar of Trademarks or through a government authorised online portal for online filing of Trade Marks; refer to the link below:

    Obtaining an ISO certification is an extremely elaborate process. You need to establish the credibility of your institute in terms of the quality of education you provide, the resources you use, the strength of students benefitting from your service, etc. to obtain an ISO certification. For further information on ISO certification you can refer to the following link:

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