Swapan Dey
Asked August 27, 2016

Validity of Will

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I have a 3store buildong with my father name.my father has two doughter. Both of them are married and wel stablished.i have only son.father age is 86 & mother age is 76. My problem is in our mouja registration is restricted by court order. How am i make a will(deed) that in future i will not face any legal broblem to proved the deed. Thank you.

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Your question is not clear, are you saying that your father is also co-owner of the 3 storey building?

Are your father's daughters your sisters or step sisters?

In what way is the court order restricting your registration?

Once these details are known then only answer can be given

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Srija Choudhury
Could you please let me know why there is a restriction by court order in the mouja registration ?
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