Asked August 13, 2016

Using logo of another company

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Hi, I am currently working on a coupon website where i will post coupons from multiple brands and for that purpose would need to add there logo and name in my website. So would like to know if its legal or not. I wont use there logo for any other purpose and might redirect user to there website which will give them more business.

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Asmita Rakhecha

As per Section 28 of the Trade Marks Act, 1999, the registered proprietor of the trade mark has the exclusive right to use the trade mark in relation to the goods and services in respect of which the trade mark is registered. Thus using the logo of multiple brands in your website shall be deemed to be an authorised use and shall constitute an infringement of copyright under Section 29 of the Act. However, Section 122 of the Act protects actions taken in good faith and since you wish to use the logo keeping the respective company’s best interest in mind the court may find this to be an act done in good faith. Irrespective of this, it is advisable, and it shall be in your best interest to use the logo of the company in your website after obtaining the prior permission of the registered proprietor of the logo or trademark.

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