Sachin Kumar
Asked September 28, 2016

Unable to repay credit card bills

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I had a credit card from past one year i am not paying my minimum dues because i dont have job but bank had sending leagle notice . what happen if they go in civil court help me out

Answer 1

Since, you haven’t provided us with the contents of the legal  notice, we, hereby assume that a standard notice is sent to you. In  case of non-payment of dues to the bank, there arises a civil  liability on the part of the defaulter. In such cases, bank can file  for recovery of the dues through the civil courts or recover the dues  directly through their recovery agents. However, these recovery agents  are not allowed to threaten the defaulters by using any tactics like  issuance of arrest warrant and such as it is not a criminal liability.  Civil Court proceedings will follow the due process of law and it will  be better that you consult a lawyer, so, that at the first instance  you can reply to the legal notice and explore other possible  alternatives to settle the dispute with the bank amicably. One  possible alternative will be to negotiate a settlement with the Bank  so that it does not affect your credit worthiness in terms of CIBIL  score. 

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