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Transfer Certificate Issue

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Respected sir,i had joined dental college in 2010-11 academic year,i never went to college,after one month of joining,due to health issues,i discontinued the course, but did not took transfer certificate,i did not pay the fee of total 5 years course fee,medical college is private,they did not issue the transfer certificate unless i pay total fee,but i joined in distance learning course 2011-12,acadamic and completed bsc 2014,they took admission with out transfer certificate,i had joined in mba 2015 in college,they asked me transfer certificate,i had paid due fee inorder to issue transfer certificate in dental colege in 2015,i went after five years to collect transfer certificate since i am unable to pay fee at a time ,since it is management quota,i collected transfer certificate in 2015,i went to university of completion of bsc,submitted my dental college tc ,to give bsc tc,they gave me tc by wrighting declaration of mine,i took and joined in mba ,can u please suggest does i had any wrong in tc,as i took tc of 2015 and joined in 2012 bsc to ask them in 2015 to issue tc in bsc ,as it is distance learning, i completed bsc that university took 2015 tc of dental colege,issued in 2015 tc of bsc,in the same year,is there any legal action on me if govt verification,is that what i did is right or not ,i never continued two courses parallel,i discontinued other course is there any problem for my education,does university cancle my degree of distance mode of bsc,if any issue related tc arises in future, does any legal action on me,or just issue to govt to explaination at the time of verification, if i may go for govt jobs exams and for passport issuing authority to issue ,keeping qualification distance degree in candidate data at time of issuing passport,can u please suggest

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Saurabh Kumar

The High Court of Madras in a judgment dated January 2013 had held that in case a student decided to leave a course midway, and the college did allow so, after settling accounts, is under an obligation to transfer educational certificates.  Colleges cannot withhold students’ certificates.


This means that you have to prove that you had cleared your dues at the dental college and clearly there was an understanding between you and the college that you were going to LEAVE the course mid-way to enter into another course- via documentary evidence and/or witnesses to prove your claim. You are advised to send them an application seeking the requisite certificates.


In case the response is not proper, you are advised to file a case in the High Court, as soon as possible.


As an additional measure, you could also complain to The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) . It has created this system and invited stakeholders and outsiders to file a complaint against any technical education institution indulging in any wrongdoing via Email. Any complaint or grievance regarding any institution or about the visit of experts assigned with specific tasks pertaining to the institutions can be brought to the notice of the AICTE through emails at


You could also file a consumer case against the college as seen in cases like- Ravinder Singh v. M.D.U. Rohtak, the National Commission for Consumers held that education was also a service and educational institutions could be fined for deficiency in service. In this case not providing certificates on time, was also a deficiency.





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