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Asked March 21, 2018

Trademark for future use

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can I apply for a trademark for future use if currently, I have no running business

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Dear Querist,

Kindly note, you can always file application for registration of trademark for use in future under 'proposed to be used' category.


And, the Registrar of Trade Marks may register your trademark under given class as per description of your goods/services.


Further, note, after obtaining registration, a registered trademark may be removed if the same is not used for continuous 5 years.


For more information or advise, you may freely contact without hesitation.


Yours sincerely 

Jitendra Bohra

Trade Marks Attorney


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yes you can file Trademark Application on the basis of "Proposed to be Use" there is no prohibition. If you need you can contact to file the trademark applicaiton






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You can file trademark to be proposed to use from the date of filing not for future date. From the date of inteded use only the priority of the trademark will be given. 

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