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Tortured by parents

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i am having relationship with other caste girl her parents are against us. The main issue is that her parents are daily mentally torturing her abusing her sometimes even hitting her also and ydae she gave me a call that they are proving her that she is mentally abnormal she is behaving wierd they are giving her anti depressants she might do something if they continue doing this kind of stuffs the main person to trouble her is her mom my parents once even went to her place to talk because once she came running to us for help my parents had a talk with her parents but it just created more trouble for her my main aim is to get her out of that place safely and support her she is currently studying medical but even if she goes to clg her mom abuses her and her father stays in riyadh her she stays with her mom her sis recently got married and stays in usa her father is a banker so i just want some legal advice like how can i support her and help her out someone recommended me that she should leave her house and stay at some friends place and put a case under section 20 hindu maintance act 1996 thru which she can ask her parents to pay her fees monthly rental and expenses so i just want some more legal advice before taking any step some one even told me we can put a case against her mom for mentally torturing and abuse

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Yes, you can file a case under Section 20 of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act if she is unable to maintain himself or herself out of her own earnings or other propertyYou can also file a maintenance case under Section 125 CrPC (again, she must not be able to maintain herself)


Action against the torture and violence:

Section 3 of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 states that the definition of "domestic violence" includes: -

(a) Threats to health, safety, life etc, whether mental or physical, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse and economic abuse; or

(b) Harassment through any forms such as harms, injuries to the aggrieved person by coercing her or any other person related to any unlawful demand for dowry or other property  or valuable security; or

(c) Otherwise injuring or causing harm, through physical or mental means to the aggrieved person.

What she can do is:

  • Call 100 or 1091(women emergency helpline number) and report it to the concerned authority.
  • One can move to domestic violence shelter as stated under section 6 of protection of women from Domestic Violence act, 2005.
  • File for protection order as stated under section 18 of Domestic Violence Act so that the abuser can stay away from you.

One can also seek help of the below mentioned NGO’s if he or she wants, contact details are mentioned below: -


  • STREEBAL – 26164113
  • SHAKTI SHALINI – 24312483
  • SAKSHI - 24643946, 24623295


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