Sandeep Goyal
Asked April 08, 2017

Thumb impression examination from Government FSL centre

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Can I directly get my Thumb Impression examined from Government FSL centre and a get a report certificate for the same? I require the same to examine and compare my thumb imression in two sale deeds and someone is objecting the thumb impression in on of the sale deeds. I believe Government's report will be genuine or even they can make false report for greed of money?

Answer 1

You can get a thumb impression verified through a private Centre only if you want to go directly. If you want to get the reports fro government FSL, then you need to wait for the direction of the court. You cannot proceed directly to the government agency for the verification.

You need to prove the authenticity of the private forensic Centre when disputed by the opposite party. When you get an opposition on the court for it then you can request to grant to permission to get your thumb impression verified at Government FSL Centre

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