Hemlal Sahu
Asked August 31, 2016

Technical education director cancelled my contract

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I am a contract lecturer in government engineering college. Some year before my principal orally permitted to take a admission in master degree in same college where I am posted as contract lecturer. completing my master degree in 2012 but after completing my master degree 4 years the technical education director cancel my contract appointment. The reason behind is I am not taken a permission from technical education. So please tell me it is right or wrong and what should I do.

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Anina D'cunha

As per the Indian Contract Act, 1872, an oral contract is valid and binding on the parties which entered into it. However, one requires evidence to present before the Court that the contract was entered into, and in several cases of oral contracts, there is no concrete evidence of the contract.

The Court will look into the totality of circumstances. One has to collect evidence that if you have an oral contract, you can show any correspondence (letters, e-mails) as evidence. If anyone else was present during the time when the contract was, their testimony can be one way to prove the existence of this verbal contract.  You can even present the course of conduct of the Principal (example: allowing you to complete the degree without any objection) to show that there was a verbal contract.

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