Asked September 19, 2016

Sister's right to live with us

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Hi, my sister is a mentally ill. We have done 2 marriages of her, but both last due to her behaviour. Just wanted to understand does she has any right to stay with us? I am asking this because she is creating lots of problems for my old parents.

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Saurabh Kumar

The rights of a mentally disabled person are protected under the Indian Mental Health Act, 1987. It is to be noted that if a mentally disabled person owns a property, then the court /the family after approaching court is under an obligation to appoint a caretaker for the property owned by such a person.


In your case, you owe a duty not to torture her or treat her unkindly in any way as per the Indian Mental Health Act, 1987. You are also under an obligation to appoint a manager for any property that she owns. However, you hold no other legal duties to her.

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