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setting up e-commerce company

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So we are an ecommerce company selling certain kind of niche products. We don't have our own products. We are thinking of sourcing some products from manufacturers and start selling them under our own brand. I wanted to know what kind of trade licences etc. are required in this kind of an arrangement. Also do I need to enter a contract with the manufacturer for the same so that if any complications from consumer end arise due to quality of goods, then how we handle that?? Thanks in advance

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Well since the company will be selling other's products under own brand name, the patents for the products must be licensed by the manufacturers to the sellers.

Also, an indemnity contract safeguarding the seller from the buyers must be concluded, to protect the company from manufacturing defects.

Adequate safeguards for complaint redressal must also be made so that the buyers can approach the manufacturers and not the sellers for defects in the product, else, the government will not authorize the sale of the products.

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