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Asked July 13, 2017

Seller of plot absconding with money and not giving title deed

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My father was retired employee in medical background with retirement benefits he planned to buy a plot and gave as advance Rs. 800000 to vendor on 7-09-2015 and kept a time 3months time for registration and vendor requested an amount again we gave 12 lakhs they gave a possession to us but they are absconded now not doing title deeds its already in a bank loan they are giving sarfasi notice to property what should we do?

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First you have to file a criminal complaint with the police giving a copy of  the agreements and other receipts for your payment. They will take action. 

2. Have a talk to bankers and try to register the property in your name but for that also you have to make the payments for bankers. 

You can very well contact me and I can lead you in right direction.

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Before purchasing the Land , you should have made a searching in local Registry Office, whether  the land is subject to Mortgage , lease or encumbrances I.e Loan. Without verifying these things, purchasing property is risky

 However only way open to you

Criminal action U/S 415/420/406 IPC against the seller.

Cover the loan in Bank and get release of Title Deed.

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Since the main culprit is absconding, there is nothing much that can be done on your own accord. The first and foremost thing to do is to file a complaint before the police explaining the entire situation. Then you have to wait till the police come up with any progress.

Regarding the loan, you will have to pay back the loan to them because that was the loan agreement was about. However, since you have not got the property registered under your name, nor the title deed, it will become difficult for the bank to prove that the property belongs to you and thus confiscate the property in case you become a loan defaulter.

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