Asked October 14, 2013

safeguards against an authorised app

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Considering the number of apps that individual apps developers post on Google Play, what are the safeguards against an authorised app, posted using my companies wordmarks?

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Under the Indian legal regime, all unique wordmarks and trademarks are protected under the Indian Trademarks Act, 1999. A trademark where the trademark owner is claiming rights only in the word, letters or numbers themselves, without claiming any right in the manner how these words are presented is known as a ‘Wordmark’. In other words, a wordmark refers to the right of the owner only on the words, letters, etc. but have no right on the way it is presented. As far as Google Play is concerned, no wordmark may be used without your permission and you have every right to request Google Play to either remove the app or the use of your wordmark.

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