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Asked September 21, 2017

Rules regarding payment of jantri cost

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I have purchased an old house in Vadodara. Plot area is 498sq.m.I have demolished the old house and want to construct a new one for which I have submitted all the documents for obtaining building permission. Now the officer at TDO is demanding to pay 10% of jantri cost for obtaining permission since my area is not cover under town planning. I doubt if the same needs to be paid or not? Also my locality is centrally located and have all basic facilities like drainage, gas connection, electricity, etc. 

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It is difficult to address your query without knowing the exact location of your plot. Also, there exist a Gujarat government website which will tell you whether your area falls under a Jantri or not, if you put in your location. Also, if it does require jantri, it will tell you the jantri rate which needs to be paid, if any. In this way, you can easily find out for yourself if you do have to pay a jantri and if so, at which rate.

Please find attached the website link as under:

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