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Role of a Witness

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I was in a relationship with a guy, say X. I knew that he was already in a relationship with Y but he told me that he shall break up with her. But in August X signed a legal document with Y agreeing to marry her. They even rented an apartment declaring themselves as a married couple. I did not know any of these. I came to know of it in December and I broke up with X. Meanwhile X is still trying to break up with Y. In March, people from the women's cell came over to my house. My mother was in the house and they complained to her that I'm still in a relationship with X and they have proof. I don't have any contact. Now X calls me over and says that Y is planning to take revenge on me for she thinks I am responsible for X falling out of love with Y and wanting to break up.. Y is a divorcee, working, with a child of 11-12 yrs. X is an unmarried having an excellent job. I'm a student My question is how can Y take legal action against me?? I had relationship with her boyfriend, not husband. And I didn't know they had legal agreement between them. I'm very very scared. Please help. Please.

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Since your X and Y are confusing I suggest you to contact me on my number so that i can understand the case properly and guide you accordingly. We dont have time to see your X and Y story in detail. 

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There is a possibility that she may file a complaint against X for 'domestic violence' under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence, 2005. The definition of domestic relationship in the Act is quite wide to include the relationship described by you, between X and Y. It is possible that you may be considered as a witness for proving charges against X. If she files a complaint under this Act, only X will be liable to pay compensation if the charges are proved. You can act only as a witness. Many cases have recognized live-in relationships as domestic relationship and have asked the men to pay maintenance after separation. Therefore the assumption that being a boyfirend X has no responsibility, is not correct.

Besides this there are some general provisions which can be employed against you, if Y is really keen on taking a legal recourse. Provisions like Section 504 - Intentional insult with intent to provike breach of peace or Section 499 for Defamation. It is therefore advised that you must stay cautious while interacting with X or Y

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