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Robbery by Ennuchs

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I read in the papers about some eunuchs robbing an IT professional in Salt lake, Kolkata at knife point last day. The newspaper report also spoke about the problem of arresting eunuchs and keeping them in the police station since there is no different cell for eunuchs (as against special cells for men and women). I was curious about the law relating to criminals who are eunuchs. Has the law done anything with regards to this logistical issues? Do jails have a different cell for eunuchs? I

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Divya Maheshwari
Generally, the laws in India for eg. IPC is gender neutral except few sections of it. Therefore the laws governing the third gender are the same as any other person. Some jails do have separate cells for eunuchs like Byculla Jail in Mumbai has separate cell for eunuch. In a case where 5 eunuchs were accused of robbery were kept in Byculla Jail which has a separate cell for them. Even the Thane Prison has a separate cell for them. But the condition remains very bad. An eunuch who was suffering from HIV was kept in separate cell complained that he feel isolated and is going through depression because of the unfavourable treatment to them. While in Luckhnow where there is no separate cell. The Judge ordered to keep in mind the sexual preference of eunuch while allotting the cell. In 2010, Punjab Police due to no separate cell for the third gender, was confused where to keep Sudhesh Kumar alias Baba Sudhesh. Because he wasn’t having Male sex organ, he was kept in Ludhiana Jail from where he was shifted again to Patiala Jail as he was lacking the ovaries and Uterus.
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